Why Do People Keep Getting Naked at Machu Picchu?

Why Do People Keep Getting Naked at Machu Picchu?

Peru's top tourist attraction is now a popular spot for... mooning?!

By Jenny Berg

Machu Picchu has been named the world's top landmark. And now, tourists visiting the Peruvian spot have even more to look at than sweeping mountain vistas — though the additions to the natural scenery may not be quite what you bargained for. We'll just lay it out there: People have been pulling down their pants to snap photos of their bare bottoms at the ancient Incan fortress. (Yes, you may now proceed to smack your head in dismay.) But really, why are people getting naked at Machu Picchu?

According to Travel + Leisure, earlier this week, three European travelers thought it would be a lovely idea to capture photos of their bare cheeks in the legendary spot. After dropping trou, the overly cheeky visitors were kicked out.

A police official said: "The three tourists dropped their pants to show their buttocks and took photos. In accordance with internal rules in place there, the three tourists were expelled, but they were not detained.”

So, it's not exactly kosher to strip down at Machu Picchu — but the practice is also not new. In fact, so-called "naked tourism" has been so prevalent at the hallowed grounds that Peru's Ministry of Culture remarked on the practice back in 2014, calling it: "disrespectful." And in 2015, at least 10 tourists were escorted offsite for stripping down.

Now, park rules are printed on the back of admission tickets to Machu Picchu. In case you're curious: nudity is explicitly banned. So, if you're an aspiring "naked tourist," might we suggest this Jamaican resort as your next travel destination instead?

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