Why Did a Family of 10, Including a Pregnant Mom, Get Kicked Off a Disney Cruise?

Why Did a Family of 10, Including a Pregnant Mom, Get Kicked Off a Disney Cruise?

The 22-year-old expecting mother was the reason for the snafu at sea aboard a Disney cruise ship.

By Jenny Berg

For one family, a Disney cruise did not have a fairytale ending. Think more along the lines of: two armed guards, a canine team, and an assault rifle. Whew! Let's back up, shall we? 

Emily Jackson — a 22-year-old mother of two who's expecting a baby boy — recently traveled from St. Louis to Miami with nine of her family members. In the sunny Florida city, the whole crew expected to board the cruise ship and sail off into the (mouse-shaped) sunset ... but what panned out was another story entirely.

At 25 weeks pregnant, Jackson had a note from her doctor saying it was OK to travel on the sea vessel. But, the cruise line's official rules state otherwise. According to The Daily Mail, Disney cruises have a firm policy that only permits pregnant women to travel up to 24 weeks.  

When Johnson and her family learned of the policy, they tried to reason with staffers — only to be ushered out of the cruise boarding area. When Jackson's agitated father raised his voice, a security guard emerged armed with an AR-15 rifle, according to the report.

More drama ensued when the family waited outside for two hours in the heat while staffers gathered their luggage and hauled it off the ship. 

As it turns out, Jackson has an active YouTube channel, and she recorded her disappointing experience and her reaction to it in a video. She clarified that she was not upset that she couldn't board the ship, but about what ensued. "I'm mad because of how they treated me and my children... the fact that they needed AR-15s to escort us out, when they knew we had no weapons because we'd been through security," Jackson said. 

Watch the clip below to get the whole scoop: 

But for Disney Cruise Line's part, the rules are — and have always been, for any pregnant passenger — firm. The company's website states, "Women who have entered their 24th week of pregnancy as of their embarkation date or who will enter their 24th week of pregnancy during the cruise will be refused passage due to safety concernsNeither a doctor’s medical statement nor a waiver of liability will be accepted. In addition, Disney Cruise Line cannot be held responsible or liable for any complications relating to pregnancy at any stage."

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