Hotel Guests Reveal the Most Disgusting Things They've Found in Their Rooms

Hotel Guests Reveal the Most Disgusting Things They've Found in Their Rooms

Responses from Expedia's 2018 Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study might make you want to check out — pronto.

By Marianne Garvey

That hotel room may look nice, but it's likely — depending on where you're staying — there could be some gross surprises lurking underneath. The kind of surprises that make your heart stop — and make you run to the front desk for either an upgrade or a refund... stat.

We’ve all heard the nightmare tales of unwashed sheets or moldy tubs, but a new 2018 Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study from Expedia has uncovered what people have found to be the absolute worst things you can uncover in a hotel room.

“We want to ensure that every leg of a traveler’s journey is enjoyable. Our goal with this study is to better understand travelers’ biggest pet peeves and offer tips to help them maximize comfort and minimize annoyances,” says Expedia's global communications head Nisreene Atassi.

Annoyances like… bed bugs, the number one gross complaint of travelers everywhere. No one wants to check into a hotel room only to be eaten alive by disgusting little critters living in the lining of the mattress. And yes, unfortunately they are found in fancy hotels too. Bed bugs have nice taste.

Hotel guests have also listed finding used condoms in an otherwise clean room as one of the nastiest things you can uncover in a room you just checked into. Cigarette smoke or a foul smell upon checking into the room also fell high on the list of annoyances, with smells and weird dirty objects left around the main reason travelers request to switch rooms.

The survey found that more than half of hotels rarely or never sanitize certain room items like the TV remote and phone... and most guests don't think about wearing shower shoes to protect their feet.

And while you're mulling new hotel hygiene concerns... don't forget about the dubious hair dryer. And definitely put on some clothes before you sit on a chair.

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