Newest Made-for-Instagram Attraction in NYC Invites You to Live Your Dreams IRL

Newest Made-for-Instagram Attraction in NYC Invites You to Live Your Dreams IRL

Bring your imagination — and your selfie prowess — to Brooklyn's Dream Machine.

By Lindsay Hahn

You already know about the Museum of Ice Cream... but get ready for this.

The newest, coolest — and yes, made for Instagram — interactive exhibit has set up shop in a warehouse in Brooklyn, New York. It's all about exploring dreams... and we had to check it out for ourselves.

After several sleepless nights and an overdose of anticipation, our dreams became reality when we ventured through a nine-room installation known as the Dream Machine. Built to be interactive and sharable, this exhibit allows visitors to drift through what's meant to feel like an art-inspired sleep cycle filled with lucid dreams. Instagrams, Boomerangs, photography, and just playing around are all highly encouraged. Take a peek at seven of our favorite unforgettable experiences at the Dream Machine: 

1. Cloud 9

You now have full permission to keep your head in the clouds. In this dream, embrace the ever changing blue lights as they lure you into a serene state. Play amongst the pillowy white clouds — just relax and enjoy your sky view! Think of it as cloud nine IRL.

2. Bubble Buster

Float away into your next daydream. Surrounded by hundreds of bubbles, you'll easily fall into a childlike state of whimsy and wonder. Take a second to reminiscence but (fortunately) we're here to burst your bubble! Upon closer look, each soapy bubble is filled with fog. Feel free to poke and pop some — the foggy mist will help carry you into your next fantasy. 

3. Selfie Service

Dirty laundry may seem like a nightmare but not in this pink playhouse. It's time to unload your linens and take a selfie! Head over to the Dream(y) Technician spinning bubble gum pink "dryer lint" cotton candy. Enjoy your sugar rush while taking a spin on a laundry basket. Pro tip: Don't forget, this is a dream, and not everything is as it seems. Locate a hidden entrance to be transported to a mirror infinity room. 

4. Pool Party

It's been a long winter and we're all dreaming of the perfect pool party. Lucky for you, dreams come true in Brooklyn. Dive into this deep blue ball pit as reflecting lights mimic the movement of the water above you. Will you sink or swim? Do you feel like you're drowning? Don't freak, this is still a dream! Chill out and float away in this water inspired wonder world. 

5. Tunnel Vision

Dream in technicolor as you skip through this rainbow archway. As the neon lights change color, take advantage of the whimsical backdrop. It's time to do it for the 'gram! This hallway provides the perfect landscape for any live photos or boomerangs. Dreaming never looked so good. 

6. Garden Views

Adventure into this garden where trippy lights and psychedelic plant life throw you into a daze. Embrace the sultry vibe and take some time to nurture your ever growing dreams before you head back to reality. 

7. Back to Reality

And just like that, it's all over. Emerge from a flurry of holographic streamers and into the final stage of the Dream Machine. Was it all a dream? Do we really have to wake up? Ah well — the only thing that helped lure us back to reality was the fun gift shop outside in the lobby.

The Dream Machine is open every Thursday through Sunday until May 30, 2018. Tickets are $38 per person, available here

Photos: Mandi Illuzzi

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