Does Prince Charles Really Refuse to Travel Without His Own Toilet Seat?

Does Prince Charles Really Refuse to Travel Without His Own Toilet Seat?

And let's not forget the royal's special toilet paper. 

By Jenny Berg
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It would seem that rock stars aren't the only ones with outrageous riders. Though royalty doesn't have a penchant for all-brown M&M's — that we know of, at least — a recent rumor suggests that Prince Charles won't travel without a very specific item. And that item would be... his own personal toilet seat. 

The Daily Mail recently summed up what Prince Charles requested when he visited northeast England. A jacket for the chilly climes, perhaps? Well, it goes a bit beyond that.

According to the report, the royal sent his staff to the destination ahead of him, with a full furniture truck in tow! No ordinary guest-room trappings would do, it would seem. So, the prince went ahead and had his own orthopedic bed and linens delivered. 

And, that's not all. The piece also alleges that the prince had a separate list of requests for the bathroom he'd inhabit during vacation. He wanted, apparently, to use his own toilet seat, and to have top-shelf toilet paper at the ready. No one-ply for this crown royal! 

But, back to that personal toilet seat thing. Another Daily Mail writer told International Business Times: “The toilet seat story has been following [Charles] around for years even though it was a joke birthday present from his sister.”

So, that clears that up! (Perhaps.) But, we have to know: Is it true about the orthopedic bed? 

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