Disney Parks Can't Keep This Adorable New Snack in Stock

Disney Parks Can't Keep This Adorable New Snack in Stock

We have to admit, those Mickey Mouse-shaped buckets are pretty irresistible...

By Jenny Berg

There's popcorn, and then there's popcorn done Disney-style. The theme parks' spin on the classic movie snack is delighting Mickey Mouse fans everywhere — and it's tough for staffers to keep the snack in stock. While the treat used to be exclusive to Disneyland, it's newly available at Walt Disney World and selling out fast, according to The Disney Food Blog.

So, are the kernels infused with Pixie Dust? Does Cinderella's fairy godmother herself add the butter? While we're not quite sure about that, we do know that the popcorn's packaging is pretty darn tough to resist. After all, it's served in a bucket that's shaped like a Mickey Mouse balloon. And if you think that sounds adorable, just wait till you see the photos:

If you're curious about how to open the "balloons," rest assured: There's a built-in popcorn door. Pretty genius, right?

And, if you're able to score one of the quickly selling snacks, you'll get yet another perk: a strap for easy portability attaches to the bucket. So, you can easily hightail it from Epcot to Frontierland with your popcorn in tow. Otherwise known as... living the dream. 

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