Did This Passenger Just Find a New Low for Repulsive In-Flight Behavior? (VIDEO)

Did This Passenger Just Find a New Low for Repulsive In-Flight Behavior? (VIDEO)

Just when you thought you'd seen it all...

By Alesandra Dubin
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These days, flying means having to navigate close quarters among other passengers who have no manners at all — like people who travel with creepy carryonseat stinky food, just throw their trash in the aisle willy-nilly... and even fly completely pantsless. The bizarre behaviors seemingly have no low — but one passenger's latest move seems to be in contention for a new nadir in an ever-lowering bar.

According to View from the Wing, a female passenger aboard a Ural Airlines flight was — in plain view of everyone else in the cabin — unapologetically drying her underthings using the air from the overhead vent in the midst of a recent flight between Turkey and Russia. 

Another passenger several rows back recorded the horror of the incident, which carried on for about 20 minutes, in a video that also appears to show the offender's totally cavalier approach to the whole thing. Like what... doesn't everyone do this?! Meanwhile, a passenger in a row in between can be seen furrowing his brow like NOPE.


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