Twitter Claps Back When Airline Denies U.S.A. Curling Team's Upgrade Request After Olympic Gold

Twitter Claps Back When Airline Denies U.S.A. Curling Team's Upgrade Request After Olympic Gold

Simple logistics... or ice-cold response?

By Aly Walansky
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You’d think after winning Olympic gold — especially in a surprising contest — you’d be well positioned for some pretty sweet perks and hookups. Including, let's say, a good chance of an extra-sweet flight home. But it turned out that wasn't the case for the U.S.A. curling team.

At the Olympic games in South Korea on Saturday, U.S.A. beat Sweden and scored the coveted gold. Shortly after winning the medal, they tweeted at Delta Airlines and asked if it was possible to get their flights back home to America upgraded. Seems like a fair, well-timed request — and a chance for some feel-good airline PR, right? 

“@Delta our Olympic #curling champions are flying home on Monday. Upgrades?!?” the tweet said.

Alas, it turned out, Delta could not accommodate.

 Coach Phill Drobnick then tweeted to back up the official team tweet, echoing the request, “Come on @Delta I think #DeltaOne is calling our name for the gold! 5 athletes and 2 coaches!”

The Internet was on the team's side too, noting the optics for the brand.

And someone on the actual flight home stepped up!

Inc suggested that "Delta made a mess of a wonderful PR opportunity." In the Inc report, a Delta spokesperson characterized its action this way: "We are excited these Olympic champions have chosen to fly home on Delta, and we are looking forward to welcoming them on board. While there are no seats currently available for upgrades, we are working with our employee teams to celebrate their gold-medal achievement ahead of departure and in flight."

True to promise, the story does have a happy ending. While the team did not get their upgrades, they did get some special recognition in-flight this morning.

Here's hoping at least none of those guys got stuck in middle seats on that long cramped ride home.

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