Video Shows Airplane Passenger Throwing an Actual Tantrum Because She Was Seated Next to a Baby

Video Shows Airplane Passenger Throwing an Actual Tantrum Because She Was Seated Next to a Baby

Someone, get the baby some ear plugs! 

By Jenny Berg
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Every now and then, we'll catch wind of heartwarming stories involving (dun dun DUN!) babies on airplanes. Remember that time a Turkish Airlines crew pitched in to help a 28-weeks-pregnant passenger delivery her bundle of joy? Well, the latest story that involves pacifiers and planes isn't quite so heartwarming. Steel yourself to read up on some seriously questionable passenger behavior... and nope, it wasn't a baby who acted up! 

Earlier this month, the mom of an eight-month-old was seated on a Delta Airlines flight with her son, preparing for her departure from JFK International Airport. All seemed fine, until a woman who was assigned to a seat across the aisle from the baby stormed on board.

After muttering expletives about her seat toward the back of the plane, the passenger targeted her sustained complaints toward the wee one. "Can I sit somewhere else? I'm not sitting near a crying baby," she whined. We're pretty sure the baby's thoughts were same, lady

When a flight attendant named Tabitha asked the passenger if she'd like to take the next flight, the woman threatened her: "You may not have a job tomorrow." That's when Tabitha spoke out and became our hero: "I want this woman off the flight," she said. "She was screaming at the baby."

The chastened passenger explained: "I was really stressed out!" Oh, so that's it. Ultimately, after arguing with a gate agent, the disgruntled passenger did get booted off the flight.

As the baby's mom — 19-year-old Marissa Rundell — wrote on Facebook: "This lady thought she was going to be rude to me and Mason now she has no way home today. Thank you to the lovely Delta flight attendant for not letting this [woman] bully us. Karma is a b----." Click through to the post to see the whole vid.

Indeed, karma can be a real beast. So, might we add, are unexpected airport layovers. We hope the bully enjoyed her stay at the terminal!  

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