Yet Another Study Finds That Traveling Couples Have Better Sex (Copies Link, Texts to Partner)

Yet Another Study Finds That Traveling Couples Have Better Sex (Copies Link, Texts to Partner)

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It's hardly a secret that travel with a spouse or significant other can result in a deeper bond, and lifelong shared memories — but here's a bonus you perhaps hadn't even considered: Travel as a couple leads to better sex.

Indeed, according to the results of a recent study by Travelocity, cited on Travel + Leisure, 56 percent of couples say travel is important for retaining the spark in a relationship. And this is only the most recent of various studies to have determined the same results; the U.S. Travel Association, for instance, noted that 77 percent of couples who travel together have a good sex life versus just 63 percent among those who do not, as reported by CBS.

While you can find plenty of fulfillment visiting world's most romantic places alone (as Jet Set writer Eric Rosen has reported) — and certainly make room for a hot hookup along the way — travel is a proven way to access and encourage passion between an already coupled pair.

Of course, it's not all lapping waves and romantic dinners: Travel is also an opportunity for plenty of things to go wrong — in the form of obstacles such as lost luggage and delayed flights. And those tests are actually good for couples: They encourage teamwork, patience, and problem solving as a pair.

And if you don't have a travel buddy at this stage in life, don't fret. According to Forbes, "new research from Topdeck Travel, a group-travel provider for 18 to 30 somethings, found that one in eight millennial men hope to find their significant other while on vacation."

They also found that one in 11 postgraduate millennials have, in fact, met a significant other while traveling abroad. And this author is here to tell you... it happens! (It happened for me.) 

So, as is always the take-home message (at least here at Jet Set): Get to booking a trip! One way or the other, your sex life is bound to reap rewards.

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