You Can Buy Your Italian Dream Home RIGHT NOW For Just $1 (Really)

You Can Buy Your Italian Dream Home RIGHT NOW For Just $1 (Really)

Just be sure to read the fine print. 

By Jenny Berg
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Your own, Under the Tuscan Sun-inspired fantasy goes something like this: You own an Italian villa replete with its own vinyard. When you're not sipping wine made with grapes from your own estate, you're lounging by a private pool. When night falls, you're hauling pizzas from your wood-fired oven to the patio for an alfresco dinner. But never, in your wildest fantasies, did you imagine that the villa in question would set you back just one dollar — until now. 

Yes, it's true. The Italian village of Ollolai, which is on Sardinia, is seeking new owners for some 200 historic homes. For each of the stone houses, the village is asking just one euro (which equates to about $1.25) — but, as you may assume, there is a little catch. Cue the repairmen (or teach yourself real quick): The houses in question are in need of some serious TLC.

And don't waste any time: The last day to apply, according to The Independent, is February 7. (So basically... do it right now. But have you ever made a more thrilling impulse buy in your life?!)

By selling the homes for next to nothing, the village hopes that new owners will repair the crumbling structures. But, we're not talking about a couple of leaky faucets. According to CNN, repairs on these once-beautiful homes could run somewhere around $25,000. And there's a deadline: Buyers must commit to refurbishing the homes within three years of purchasing them. 

The plan is part of an overall effort to reinvigorate the local community. In recent years, Ollolai's population has shrunk from a mere 2,500 residents to shockingly low 1,300. But, the quiet town is not without its charms. 

It still offers piazzas covered in murals, fresh local cheeses made by shepherds, and staggering views of the Italian countryside. Plus, there's not a chance that you'll have any loud neighbors. 

So, you know what to do: Set aside $25,001, then get home-renovation experts Bethenny Frankel and Fredrik Eklund on the telefono pronto.  

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