7 Chloe Kim Quotes You'll Love If You're From Southern California, Too

7 Chloe Kim Quotes You'll Love If You're From Southern California, Too

The "dope" teenage U.S.A. snowboarder from Long Beach is a California girl through and through.

By Alesandra Dubin

Perhaps you've heard a little something about 17-year-old Chloe Kim, the Olympic snowboard superstar everyone's talking about right now? (Or, in Kim's parlance, "rn.")

Here's some more about her: Her parents are immigrants from South Korea, and the family still has relatives there. But the Olympian herself was born in Torrance, California and she was brought up in Long Beach. So that makes her squarely a Southern California girl... and if you've ever heard her give an interview, or seen her tweet, you know she lives and breathes the lifestyle. 

And speaks it, too. Check out seven among our favorite Chloe Kim quotes that reveal her regional identity.

1. She's all about the mall.

“I’m much more of a city girl,” she told Vogue, referring to her preference of urban versus mountain life. “I like the mall. I like shopping.” 

2. She still says 'the bomb' in 2018.

3. She'll admit she eats ice cream year round.

Being from a place where flip-flops are a 300-day-a-year phenomenon, Kim is comfortable with her ice cream cravings... even when it's 11 degrees outside. "Could be down for some ice cream rn," she tweeted... with viral effect.

4. And, if you could get her some, it would be 'dope.'

5. And she's all about In-N-Out.

Speaking of food — as she's always doing — you know Southern California-bred Kim is all about some In-N-Out.

6. For a teen champ, life's pretty 'sick.'

"That's the thing I love most about snowboarding, honestly — getting to travel and explore different places and meet people. The plane rides suck but the destinations are sick," she told Cosmopolitan.

7. And she proudly owns her 'California girl' heritage.

She describes herself, aptly and succinctly, as "the California girl who went to the Olympics."

And slayed the game.

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