6 Doable Tips for Keeping Your Social Media Game Strong... While Actually Enjoying Your Trip

6 Doable Tips for Keeping Your Social Media Game Strong... While Actually Enjoying Your Trip

Yes, you can balance a drool-worthy Instagram presence and a truly in-the-moment vacation — here's how.

People love documenting their vacations on social media — almost as much as they love vacationing. Sure, 10 years ago it was normal to take pictures and share them with friends and family afterward. (Uh, what?! Can you even remember back that far?) But now it's all about sharing in real time. Don't let that distract you enough to ruin your actual vacation, which is what it's nominally all still about, right? (RIGHT?! You can give everyone FOMO with very little effort, so relax. Here, some tips to balance social media on vacation.

1. Follow the one-photo rule.

Don't take 10 random photos of the same thing — face it, you'll never look at them all and they'll clog up your storage anyway. Think about the shot you want, take it, and then go enjoy your vacation.

2. Link all your social media accounts for easier cross-posting.

Before you post anything, go to your settings on Instagram and link your Twitter and Facebook. Now, when you share a photo on Instagram, you can select "share to Facebook" and "share to Twitter" to automatically post to those platforms as well. This saves time and gets more eyeballs on your content... without any unnecessary, time-consuming manual effort.

3. Try sharing albums instead of multiple individual photos.

Collect all your images, and then at the end of the day look through your phone and choose your favorite five. Post those as an album to Instagram and share it to Facebook. It's so easy and looks more curated to boot.

4. Don't shy away from candids.

A truly candid shot will make you stand out. They show the reality of your trip and require less time than, say, a staged shot of your mocha. (Let it be known that everyone's on to your plandids anyway.)

5. Pick a platform, and stick to it.

Between Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, there are so many ways to stay connected. Trying to keep up with all of them will prevent you from actually being able enjoying your trip, and that's no fun. Ideally you'll stick to really maintaining one or two platforms max (and again — make sure they're linked if possible).

6. Be brave... and completely unplug.

Too drastic? Maybe. And that's OK too. But consider that taking some time away from social media has proven benefits. Unplugging doesn't mean you can't take some photos and share them later — it just means you'll be able to freely enjoy your vacation in the actual moment. Yes, elusive though it may be... it's still possible.

Bon voyage and godspeed!

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