This Dining Experience Is Way Better Than Tinder for Finding Love

This Dining Experience Is Way Better Than Tinder for Finding Love

We have some expert advice for food-lovers looking for romance.

By Jocelyn Vena
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Going Off the Menu EP 102: DANCE FOR YOUR DINNER

First dates can be awkward for everyone. But two adventurous food experts think they've solved the mystery to nailing the first encounter with that potential special someone. Their advice is to be daring: Chat up strangers, make friends with the right people, and find your way into your city's underground restaurant scene. Going Off the Menu hosts Russell Jackson and Liza deGuia promise that an invitation to a hush-hush supper club or pop-up dinner is a surefire way to impress. 

"I’m sick of these boring coffee dates all my girlfriends tell me about that they’re having," Liza told The Feast. "I think if a guy suggests this underground adventure, you’ll find out more about each other and you’ll have so much more fun and you’ll remember that date. Like, eff those coffee dates. I want people to go out of their way more, and it’s probably because I’m more of a romantic. But, hell yes, it would be an amazing first date."

Russell notes that by stepping out of your comfort zone, you're likely to also learn way more about the person you're out with.

Liza and Russell (with actor Tory Bellecci) blow-torch their sandwiches at a pop-up in Episode 104 of Going Off the Menu

"Here’s the bottom line about it: When you’re going on an underground restaurant, you’re being alleviated of all the things that you would be doing if you go to a normal restaurant," he said. "[At a] conventional restaurant, you go in and make your appointment time, you sit down, and you sort of control your experience by interacting with the waiter and the chef. You go to an underground restaurant, and it’s an artist endeavor. All of your choice is taken away. You are essentially along for the ride, right?"

He then elaborated on why that makes the date that much more special. "That puts you into this place emotionally, mentally and physically where you’re absorbing information and having this inner connectivity with people and conversations that you would have never [had normally]," he said. "You can’t get that any other way, so when you’re forced down that pipe, you just end up connecting to people in a different way and you get to be your real self for a minute because you’re having that common shared experience."

Need proof it works? Check out one of the duo's tempting food adventures, below.

Digital Series
Going Off the Menu EP 105: TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN

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