You'll Be Shocked When You See the Top-Secret Farm Growing Inside This Storage Container

You'll Be Shocked When You See the Top-Secret Farm Growing Inside This Storage Container

You'll need to do a little harvesting before you show up to these parties.

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Going Off the Menu EP 104: UP IN SMOKE

Storage containers have all kinds of strange and unexpected uses: You can live in them (if you're brave), and you can use them to mount avant-garde art installations and, yes, you can even store stuff in them. But did you know you can also raise fish inside of a storage container, and use it to grow an incredible indoor farm that produces ingredients for a secret underground dinner party—a dinner party that you then host inside that very same storage container?

At least, that’s what one dedicated crew is doing in L.A. They’ve taken over a giant container in a hush-hush location, and they’ve converted it into a space for throwing cutting-edge, eco-conscious, sustainable-agriculture dinner events that are known only to a select few. Needless to say, the dinners are always sold out.

One person who desperately wants to get in is Tory Bellacci (pictured below, left), who has done his share of wild stunts on the show MythBusters. He’s looking for a food experience that will shock his un-shockable self, and who does he tap to get the job done? Veteran underground chef Russell Jackson and award-winning food documentarian and explorer Liza DeGuia, co-stars of’s new show Going Off the Menu. If anyone can show Tory the way into a truly jaw-dropping dining experience, it's Russell and Liza. "Please, blow my mind," Tory pleads with them.

Russell and Liza take the challenge head-on, and discover two other incredible underground destinations along the way. To find out what they do to try to get Tory access to a truly mind-blowing dinner experience, and what insanity they uncover along the way, watch the brand-new episode 104 of Going off the Menu. Warning: This episode is highly flammable.

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