This Woman Paid $60 for an Airplane Ticket… And Got All 189 Seats to Herself

This Woman Paid $60 for an Airplane Ticket… And Got All 189 Seats to Herself

...but we're sure your last flight was just as amazing.

By Kristyn Pomranz
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Boarding a plane usually goes a little something like this: You hustle to your seat and watch anxiously as passengers file on, quietly praying that each approaching traveler is not in your row — or at least not in the middle seat. Then, inevitably, a steward comes over the loudspeaker and announces, “This is a completely full flight,” and you steel yourself for a claustrophobic ride.

Now, imagine the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of that and you’ll understand what happened to Karon Grieve. The U.K.-based cookbook author boarded a Jet2 plane from Glasgow to Crete — she was embarking on a quick relaxing getaway — and was shocked to discover she was the only traveler on the entire 189-passenger plane.

Grieve shared her unexpected V.I.P. trip on Twitter, and her story quickly went viral:

“Imagine my surprise when I got to the gate and the flight crew greeted me saying, ‘Hi, you are our only passenger. You have your own private jet today,’” Grieve told The Daily Record. “I was amazed. The captain Laura came and chatted before takeoff and I was in first name terms with Viktoria, Ashleigh, Toyah, and Diane before the doors even closed. Later, the first officer Lee came for a chat. As we flew over places of interest, Laura would come on the tannoy saying, ‘Hi, Karon and the girls. We are now flying over Croatia, look to your left.’”

Besides having the captain serve as her personal sky-high tour guide, Grieve also enjoyed a front row seat (of course!), a free meal, and even had her luggage handed directly to her upon disembarking.

If you were to charter a private jet, you’d typically wind up paying between $1,200 and $8,500 per hour, depending on the type of aircraft. But for Grieve? Well, her serendipitous V.I.P. flight to Greece cost a mere $60 — and scored her an unforgettable experience to boot!

Wonder if this could ever happen to you? Unlikely, but possible. It happened to this couple, who loved their "taste of the good life," and this woman who got an entire 737 to herself.

Photo: KaronGrieve/Twitter

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