Wild On-Board Video Shows What it Looks Like to Capsize a 45-Foot Catamaran

Wild On-Board Video Shows What it Looks Like to Capsize a 45-Foot Catamaran

Everyone's OK, including the boat — but wow.

By Alesandra Dubin

First off, you should know that everyone’s safe. And with that out of the way, you absolutely have to see the heart-pumping video that captures the moments when Oracle Team U.S.A.’s 45-foot catamaran capsized during training in Bermuda on Wednesday.

On-board video captures how the boat doesn’t actually “tip over through a nose-dive, which is what normally happens,” according skipper Jimmy Spithill in a team statement. “But we were just pressed over sideways.”

Spithill described the whole incident as quite a surprise, given the conditions. “It was a great day for training, sunny, 15-20 knots of wind,” he said. “So it was a great afternoon of sailing until we capsized.”

Team chase boats helped to right the vessel quickly, and then it sailed back to base with minimal damage. 

Oracle’s team is the second to capsize during training in recent months: Land Rover BAR capsized on the Solent over in Europe just before the Christmas holiday. 

Without further ado, check out the crazy video.

ORACLE TEAM USA capsize - onboard footage

ORACLE TEAM USA became the first America's Cup team to capsize during training in Bermuda on Wednesday afternoon. This is what it looked like from on board. Fortunately, no injuries and minimal damage. Skipper James Spithill: "Hopefully we don’t see too many more of these, but this is where we are as a sport where you’re always pushing to be on the limit. We’ll learn from this and move forward.” Video: Sam Greenfield / ORACLE TEAM USA

Posted by ORACLE TEAM USA on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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