Here's the Reason Why You Should Never Sit on a Hotel Chair Naked

Here's the Reason Why You Should Never Sit on a Hotel Chair Naked

Just don't.

By Alesandra Dubin
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You already know your hotel room can have pockets that are much filthier than you wish they were. That hotel-issued hair dryer, for instance, should be handled with suspicion. And just forget about that tea kettle altogether because people are doing unmentionable things with it (or at least washing unmentionable things in it).

Sadly, today we bring you one more region of your hotel room that you should be watching with a vigilant eye... and sitting on with a clothed behind. We're talking about upholstered chairs in hotel rooms.

Women's Health is out with a roundup of secrets hotel employees don't want you to know (yes, we already did one of those). And in it, hotel employee "Jenna" offers a rather cringe-worthy word of warning to guests: "Never sit on a couch or chair without laying a towel or sheet down first. Many guests sit on them naked, and yes, some leave stains behind. And much of the time, the stains are basically just dabbed with cleaner until they can't be seen anymore." 

Are you still stuck on, "Some leave stains behind?" So are we. (Puts on pants.)

Ah well, at least you can be reasonably certain your hotel sheets are clean... if they're white.

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