Why Is This Posh Resort Requiring Guests to Send... Stool Samples?!

Why Is This Posh Resort Requiring Guests to Send... Stool Samples?!

Wait, what?

By Bryce Gruber

There's a resort in the Caribbean that's so exclusive that it's actually requiring guests to send stool samples before check in. Yes, even celebrities. But... why?!

Well, BodyHoliday, an all-inclusive wellness resort on the tony tropical island of St. Lucia, is the kind of place travelers book to combine relaxation and wellness. The resort offers everything from adventure sports to diet-friendly meal plans, but what it's also known for is serious attention to detail... such as pre-screening guests' poop for abnormalities, disease, and even food allergies before they even land on the island.

The property's $5,000 BodyScience upgrade package offers "a comprehensive stool analysis and parasitology," according to Mahalingnam Lakshmanan, the resort's doctor. About five guests a week sign on for this program, which boasts gut-detective work venturing into autoimmune diseases, IBS, inflammation, toxic overload, and a host of other issues related to digestive health. 

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"We aim to take people to place of more efficient cellular and improved metabolic function and better immune function by a combination of detoxification treatments, great healthy food, specialized body treatments to help fix electromagnetic imbalances, as well as the use of advanced nutritional supplementation, specifically aimed at correcting any measured imbalances," Lakshmanan explains.

The full-body analysis and detox vacation may sound wild, but the resort is known for celebrity clientele for a reason.

Analyzing rich and famous excrement before arrival involves quite a process. The facility sends an actual stool-collection kit to guests' homes about six weeks in advance of their trip to St. Lucia. Future visitors are expected to load up their best samples from a 48-hour period, seal them, and send them back. That's right: Celebs are popping their poop in the mail.

The actual collection kit

"We have plenty of pro-athletes coming through and host an annual retreat with Randy Moss," Lakshmanan told Jet Set. "An assortment of other celebrities have come visited in the past as well, including Morgan Freeman and Amy Winehouse."

Guests signed up for the BodyScience program are required to stay a minimum of seven nights for a full body detox and metabolic reset, as well as a closely monitored anti-inflammatory diet and body treatments, and saliva and urine samples.

If you're wondering what happens to all that celeb poop after their visits — no, it doesn't make it to eBay. Lakshmanan insists that, after the poop is processed, it's discarded as bio waste.

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