9 TV and Movie-Theme Bars and Restaurants Worth a Trip for Superfans

9 TV and Movie-Theme Bars and Restaurants Worth a Trip for Superfans

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

By Lindsay Tigar

Hey superfans: You know you'd travel to the ends of the earth to find yourself immersed in the fictional worlds of your favorite TV shows and movies. Say, for instance — to have a drink at a particular bar where everybody knows your name, or have an early-bird dinner at a place named for and inspired by your favorite Golden Girl.

If you'd make the trip in honor of a show or flick close to your heart, here are nine entertainment-themed restaurants, pubs, and cafes to add to your must-see list around the globe.

1. If You Love Mama Mia, Visit... Nicos’ Taverna in Stockholm

No superfan could resist a visit to this Abba-obsessed Greek tavern? Styled after the restaurants portrayed in both the movie and the Broadway show, this recently-opened hot spot is part eating-establishment and part-performance. While you’re sippin’ on drinks and ordering your main entrees, you’ll watch the waitstaff break out into dance and encourage everyone to join in on the fun by getting out of their seats and celebrating "having a bloody good time."

2. If You Love The Big Lebowski, Visit... Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik, Iceland

In between trying to catch a glimpse of the Northern lights and soaking in the Blue Lagoon, grab a pint at Lebowski’s Bar, with a menu and decor that’ll remind you of the Indie stoner film. We might recommend getting a few sheets to the wind so you can fully enjoy their menu of fried chicken, chicken wings, juicy burgers and all the fries you can eat.

3. If You Love Seinfeld, Visit... Tom’s Restaurant in New York City

Fair warning for those who can quote Jerry Seinfeld on demand: This isn’t the actual set where your beloved show was filmed, but rather the exterior shot you saw in nearly every episode. You might not be able to sit in the exact booth, but this Upper West Side tourist attraction definitely capitalizes on its sitcom fame. You’ll see many photos of the cast (most of them signed) and you can enjoy a giant milkshake while you figure out your next sightseeing stop.

4. If You Love Friends, Visit... Central Perk in Beijing, China

The actual coffee shop that Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Ross called their second home was a TV set in California, but a Chinese megafan decided to recreate his all-time favorite show in Beijing. Grab a cup of coffee and a donut, and hope that someone other than Rachel is waiting on you (and there’s not a Joey around to steal your grub before you can take a bite). Psst: If you can’t make it to China, there’s another Friends-inspired bar, completed with a monthly "Find Phoebe" live music night, in Liverpool, UK.

5. If You Love Harry Potter, Visit... The Lockhard in Toronto

Read all the books and seen all the movies? (And maybe tried to see if you could cast a spell on your own, in the privacy of your own closet?) If you can’t get enough of Harry Potter, consider having a "potion and elixir" at this magical destination in Canada. As you enter the Muggle World inside, and make your way through the establishment, you’ll see plenty of nods to the series: from Dobby-framed pictures, Befuddlement Draft and of course, a Butter Beer.

6. If You Love Lord of the Rings, Visit... The Hobbit Pub in Southampton, U.K.

Though this beloved pub was sued in 2012 for copyright infringement, none other than Stephen Fry and Sir Ian McKellen came to the rescue, offering to pay for the license so it can keep its (perfect) name. From memorabilia to appropriately named drinks, you’ll see many references to this cult classic. And if you dare, you can take part in the Fellowship T-shirt Contest. What’s that? Well, apparently, you try one of all of the venue's 12 cocktails — named after characters, including Frodo, Bilbo, Legolas — and you win a limited edition T-shirt. Oh and obviously, get very, very drunk.

7. If You Love How I Met Your Mother, Visit... McGee’s Pub in New York City

While this isn’t where Ted went through all of his dating woes, it is (wait for it!) the spot that inspired the writers of the show to create it. It doesn’t look quite the same as the TV set, but there is plenty of memorabilia on the walls that’ll bring you right back to your favorite foursome. It also offers a special How I Met Your Mother Monday special, where all of the food is named after show references — such as "The Woo Wings" and "The Suit Up Sandwich."

8. If You Love Cheers, Visit... Cheers Beacon Hill in Boston

They might not know your name when you walk in, but they will by the time you leave. This popular tourist destination originally called Bull & Finch Pub and was founded in 1969, and was the original inspiration for the hit 1980s series. The producers for the show toured around, attempting to find a place that would mimic their desire to create an ideal American bar when they found this gem and decided it was the best fit. Stop in for a pint and pick up a T-shirt on your way out.

9. If You Love Golden Girls, Visit... Rue La Rue Cafe in New York City

You might have to wait in line for a hot minute (or a hot flash?) to grab a seat at this recently opened cafe that’s a tribute to our favorite senior citizen ladies. Located in Washington Heights, everything you see there will remind you of Blanche Devereaux, the sassy, fast-talking, Southerner played by Rue McClanahan. While they’re only serving breakfast and lunch at this stage, dinner is expected to come soon. (Around 5 p.m, we're guessing.)

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