5 Explosive Adventure Travel Trends That Prove Hippies Are Having A(nother) Moment

5 Explosive Adventure Travel Trends That Prove Hippies Are Having A(nother) Moment

Groovy, baby.

By Alesandra Dubin

Is it the Bohemian aesthetic proliferated by the pervasiveness of Coachella? Or is it a collective yearning to be unplugged (or to at least say we want to unplug, as long as the Wi-Fi is strong enough for Instagram)? Or is it another factor entirely?

Whatever the reasons, travelers are moving toward back-to-simplicity and back-to-nature vacations in large numbers. Take a look at some of the top adventure travel trends currently illustrating the movement, thanks to data culled from Pinterest's 2017 travel report.

1. Van life

Van life, with a pinnning trend up 290 percent, is a Bohemian travel moment that is all about the journey over the destination.

2. Adult summer camp

Adult summer camp, up 43 percent year over year, shows pinners are opting for a community-centered trips and adventures.

3. Swimming holes

Just like you did when you were a carefree, barefoot kid, right? Swimming hole pins are up 183 percent year over year.

4. Ghost towns

Not exactly luxury travel — and more for travelers of all ages with a heart for adventure — ghost towns are up 188 percent year over year on Pinterest, and are located throughout the country.

5. Iceland travel

Yes, Iceland is still hot as ever — and all of your friends are still going there. Nature-loving pinners are obsessing over the destination's gorgeous natural phenomena, like lava falls. Iceland travel pinning is up 54 percent year over year.

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