This Raccoon Getting Stuck in a Grate Is Everything

This Raccoon Getting Stuck in a Grate Is Everything

He’s not fat, he’s pleasantly plump.

By Brienne Walsh

Humans aren’t the only ones in the midst of an obesity epidemic in America. Our raccoons are also suffering. 

Or at least one raccoon is. Earlier this month, one poor little guy got stuck in a grate in a town near Chicago. Around him were strewn a delightful array of bread crusts. Imagine if this happened right after Thanksgiving?! (Add in some sweet potatoes with marshmallows, a turkey leg, and a full can of cranberry sauce that no one wanted ... oh wait, is that just us?)

We’re not saying this raccoon is fat because that’s not nice — he’s pleasantly plump. After watching him struggle to get out of the sewer grate in vain, a Good Samaritan called the police. Two officers from the City of Zion Police Department were unable to free the raccoon by prodding him gently with sticks, so they called in the Zion Public Works Department.

Workers from the department had to remove the grate entirely in order to free the very healthy-looking local resident. In a video of the rescue, one worker can be heard laughing, “Fattie!” Not nice, but seriously, his size is something to marvel over.

We know the raccoon would probably not be into it, but his belly is just so cuddly, we sort of want to feed him some French fries and then snuggle with him like he’s a body pillow. An animal lover can dream!

Credit: City of Zion Illinois Police Department/Facebook

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