13 Things People Don't Tell You About Leaving New York

13 Things People Don't Tell You About Leaving New York

You can take the girl out of NYC, but...

By Zlata Faerman

Living in New York comes with well-known bragging rights: True to reputation, the city pretty much will eat you alive if you don’t keep up with its dizzying pace. Pedestrians usurp the sidewalks with little patience for slow-moving tourists, cabs and Ubers zig-zag through lanes, and you can find anything you need (anything) at any time of the day or night. 

If you’re used to this pace in life, moving somewhere new can be a total culture shock. Everything that you’re used to is gone and you’re left starting from scratch, figuring out the nuances of an unfamiliar place. Just like anything else, if you’re prepared and your expectations are managed, the blow will be a little softer. Here’s a list of all the things they don’t tell you about leaving New York (from someone who spent 11 years there before leaving)!

1. When you tell people you’re from New York, they automatically think you’re rude.

What's considered rude to someone outside of New York is actually considered nice in New York.

2. When you tell people you’re from New York, they assume you’re smart and successful.

And most times, they’ll be right: People go to New York to build careers and make good use of their college diplomas. Bonus: If you’re living in the city, chances are you do well enough to be able to afford a roof over your head.

3. You will never, ever, ever eat a slice of pizza as good.

There’s a reason they say, "It’s all in the water." You’re not only saying bye to the city, but you’re also saying bye to a literal slice of heaven.

4. Actually, you might not ever have the same quality and diversity of food you had when you lived in New York.

 Outside of losing the 24-hour availability of any cuisine imaginable, the taste will never be as authentic as it is in a New York City restaurant (unless, perhaps, you follow the food to its nation of origin).

5. Watching the game will turn into a new experience.

 You'll be hard-pressed to find someone (let alone a group of people) who also like the Yankees or the Giants — at all, or certainly not as much as you do. And let's not even get started on college teams.

6. You actually have to drive to get places. And it's annoying.

 Gone are the days of hailing a cab or hopping on the subway. What awaits you are bad drivers, driving through inclement weather conditions, and actually paying for a car.

7. Winters won't be as bad as you remember.

 Truth is, when it's snowing in New York, things you may rely on actually shut down. If you're moving some place warm or even just to suburbia, there will be a lot more fun activities to take advantage of during the winter months.

8. You'll realize you curse a little too much.


What's wrong with using the F-word for emphasis?

9. You'll realize how lucky you are for getting a college degree from the area.

 The Northeast in general is known for its good schools. See No. 2.

10. You will really miss the seasons.

Even if you're moving somewhere that still has seasons, you might find they pale compared to the beauty of New York. Autumn in Central Park and winter in Rockefeller Center... need we say more?

11. People can't drive.

And you thought you were out of practice? Hell, even people who drive every single day are incapable of driving most times. Get ready to tame your road rage.

12. Nothing will ever compare.

 Quite frankly, every single thing you do and any single place you go will be compared to that time in New York. You'll forever be nostalgic and fond of the memories you had there because they were some of the best in your life.

13. When you return for a visit, you'll remember why you left.

Living in New York is not easy. Leaving is harder. But once you do breakaway, and experience another pace... you might remember why you left in the first place as soon as you come back for a visit. 

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