The World’s Eco-Friendliest Resort Is Going Up in a Mind-Blowing Location

The World’s Eco-Friendliest Resort Is Going Up in a Mind-Blowing Location

It looks amazing... even if it seems impossible.

By Alesandra Dubin

You know when you visit a desert destination like Las Vegas or Palm Springs, and it’s a million degrees outside but the resort lawns and fountains are all pristine, like little environmentally unfriendly oases? Well, there are plans for an amazing new resort that — despite its desert location — would be absolutely nothing like that. You have to see these renderings to believe it.

The new vacation destination is proposed by Baharash Architecture for the Eco Resort Group. And the Oasis Eco Resort plans are for a rather shocking destination — (wait for it) the desert area of Liwa, in the United Arab Emirates. It would be built around a spring, and would extract groundwater using a deep well that would be used for crop irrigation, fish farming, and recreational activities. The spring would also provide a natural habitat for wildlife. 

According to the plans, lodging and function areas would be set up around the spring, which would make for a peaceful centerpiece within the resort. The plans are for 84 interconnecting suites, which would all have killer views and outdoor terraces. 

The restaurant and bar would offer items using organic ingredients grown right on property. And get this: Guests would also be also able to forage organic produce, or catch fish from the spring, and incorporate these ingredients into their own meals with the help of a chef.

The spa would have smart glass windows that offer privacy with the flip of a switch. 

The property plans include zero waste water, zero emissions, and a whopping 157,000 square feet of solar panels situated on a seriously cool-looking, ribbon-like roof. The resort would also employ wildlife biologists and conservation staff. 

The project is still in the very early stages of development, and looking at a 2020 target completion date. But we’re already blocking off space on our calendar for a visit... because wow.

Renderings: Baharash Architecture 

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