You Know You Need This Millennial Pink Lake on Your Instagram (So Here’s How to Get There)

You Know You Need This Millennial Pink Lake on Your Instagram (So Here’s How to Get There)

This right-on-trend place has gone completely viral.

Millennial pink is the hue du jour, so it's no surprise that travelers are seeking out the very on-trend color to flesh out their Instagram feeds. (After all, science demonstrates that consistency of color palette across a feed is like-bait for followers!)

Enter a lake — yes, an actual natural body of water — that is getting tons of social media love these days for the color of the water. Behold:

The lake is aptly called Pink Lake, and it's in the Golden Outback region of Western Australia, near Esperance. People are so obsessed with the attraction that the Australia tourism site has a page dedicated to the Pink Lake and how to reach it. According to the tourism authority, there actually two lakes: Pink Lake and Lake Hillier, which is offshore on an island.

To reach them, first get to Esperance (a two-hour flight from Perth). But truly, the best way to see these... is from the sky! You can and should book a helicopter tour if you want to really get the Instagram photo of the year.

So why the color? It's actually a bit controversial. Some say the lake is pink from a high concentration of algae, and others say it's the salinity that causes the strawberry-milkshake-like look. The best tip from the Visit Australia website is to drive 10 minutes from the Esperance visitor's center along Eleven Mile Beach Road to get the best viewpoint. If you want to stay the night, a great choice is Esperance Apartments.

If Australia feels too far flung, there are actually dozens of pink lakes in the world, and even more than these two just in Western Australia. You can even find a pink lake closer to the U.S., near Tulum, Mexico!

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