Listen Up, Beyoncé: 7 Ways I Manage Celeb-Style Vacations With (Gulp) 2-Year-Old Twins

Listen Up, Beyoncé: 7 Ways I Manage Celeb-Style Vacations With (Gulp) 2-Year-Old Twins

Oh yes, it can be done.

By Alesandra Dubin

With Beyoncé and Amal Clooney among the celebrity mamas expecting twins, Madonna having just adopted a set of twin girls — and let's not forget Pharrell showing up all these suckers when he welcomed triplets with his wife — there's definitely a multiples baby boom going on in Hollywood.

As a mom of two-year-old twins already, I like to think of myself as the elder stateswoman to these famous ladies, the jet-setting mama who can impart some wisdom.

Who am I kidding? I don't exactly have the full range of Beyoncé's resources. (Though one of my most proud moments as a mom was the time my daughter pointed to a picture of the Queen and said, "Mommy!" I think it was the hair.) But Bey and I do share a love of tropical, luxury travel and an overall affinity (even necessity) for the jet-setting lifestyle.

And I'm doing my very best to carry on a fabulous globe-trotting lifestyle — yes, even with two-year-old twins. Here are seven of the ways I manage celeb-level vacations in spite of the complex logistics (and tantrums).

1. Pick an uber-fabulous destination.

First of all, you're going to want to select a travel destination with some cachet if you want to feel like a superstar. The good news is that one of the most buzzy and celebrity-beloved destinations on earth right now — Punta Mita, Mexico — can also be reached by way of a quick three-hour nonstop flight into Puerto Vallarta from where I live in Los Angeles. (And short, nonstop flights are difference-makers when it comes to traveling with the short-attention-span set.)

2. Do the resort thing.

Like George Clooney — who has said he will "avoid danger" and "be more responsible" with two buns in the oven — I was less risk averse and more portable in my pre-twins days when it came to travel. I was more about bouncing around off the beaten path, taking chances with potentially dicey hotels, and fearing no cobblestone street nor other stroller-blocking obstacle. Now, I'm all about picking a family friendly resort. In Punta Mita — where we celebrated both my twins' second birthday and my husband's (ahem) milestone birthday on two separate trips in recent months, we picked the Four Seasons Punta Mita. It's commonly regarded as one of the family friendliest resorts in Latin America.

Made it to paradise! ✈️🇲🇽 🌴🎉

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Off the bat, that means your air-conditioned airport transfer can be easily arranged with two carseats — an absolute game changer for twin parents who simply don't have enough hands to easily bring them. They'll also happily rent you strollers, provide swim diapers, decorate cribs for your kids with their names spelled out in bath sponges (I die)... and kids under five eat free. I love feeling like a money-is-no-object type when I watch those room service platters roll in, with noms piled high for my wee ones, on the house!

3. It's all about service.

Listen, when I'm at home, I can simultaneously schlep my kids' diaper bag plus six Trader Joe's bags, and somehow manage to keep the littles from running into traffic. When I'm on vacation? Hell no. In order to effectively channel my inner Beyoncé when I travel, I look for a place with impeccable service. And yes, for that reason, I am well known for my deep, abiding love of the hotel chain that does it best: Four Seasons. Consider that everyone on staff knows your kids' names and preferences, as if by magic, from practically your moment of check-in. They'll collect your daughter's forgotten (but oh-so-beloved) security blanket from the beach and keep it safe. In addition to the typical crayons, they offer kid-size cutlery, sippy cups, and bibs so you can enjoy the hell out of your buffet breakfast while your kids have everything they need for their own comfort and entertainment. That's a vacation.

4. Book a big room.

Actually, it's not the size that counts — but the separation. In order for a trip to really feel like a vacation, you and your kids need to get some sleep. All four of us in the fam got epic sleep in our Four Seasons accommodations, because we had a suite that offered a separate bedroom.

That way, grownups' didn't have to go to sleep on toddlers' schedules, and no one woke anyone up. If you've ever hung out with a cranky toddler — let alone two — you know how much this matters.

Private infinity pool suite ✔️🙏🏼😍Thanks for the beautiful upgrade @fspuntamita!

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5. Don't try to do too much.

If you're staying at a fabulous resort, enjoy the hell out of it. When we travel to Punta Mita, we typically make a half-day trip to nearby surf town Sayulita with the fam. We get our shopping and our tacos on, have a bit of variety... then then come back to paradise in that air-conditioned Suburban.

Last time were in #Sayulita with the twins, it was as hot as 🔥. Today: perfect. 🌞🌴🇲🇽 🙏🏼

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At some point (and probably soon), we'll attempt more adventuresome travel with the kids — and it will be great. But for a proper vacation and at this particular stage in parenting, resort life is golden.

6. Segment the day.

If you're an Internet troll with something to say about retaining a personal identity even after you welcome a child into the world (gasp!) look away now. That's because I figured out a formula that works perfectly for us, and it involves (gasp again) a babysitter. At the Four Seasons Punta Mita, we start out the day as a family, with breakfast, beach time and sand toys, lazy river, and maybe a fresh coconut or gelato on the beach.

Then, it's around mid-day and time for the twins two take a two- or three-hour nap in a dark room. That's when we meet a kind and caring babysitter, vetted and booked through the concierge, who stays with our children while we go read at the pool like grown folks. It's a win-win for all involved.

7. Get romantic.

At home, life can feel like a swirl of work and diapers and Amazon Prime shipments. No two-hour dinner date during the week really breaks up the monotony enough to hit that reset button. So when we get away, I'm all about finding time for a really over-the-top moment with my hubby that can help us cut through the day-to-day tasks and seriously reconnect. I'm talking Bachelor-style romance.

During our last visit to the Four Seasons Punta Mita earlier this month, we did this two nights in a row. First, we sat down together for an insane dinner on the resort's so-called "Rock," a private grassy precipice overlooking beaches on either side.

A perfectly #TheBachelor-esque private, petal-strewn dinner on "the rock" at @fspuntamita. 🌹🥂

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After our petal-strewn and tiki-torch-lit meal, we headed closer to the beach front for a private s'mores-making sesh with our own fire pit.

The next night, we had a couple's massage in the spa... after-hours. That meant we enjoyed our Champagne and chocolate amenity in hot tubs and plunge pools all to ourselves, under a starry sky.

That feeling when you have the whole @fspuntamita spa to yourself after hours 💯🥂🙏🏼🌜⭐️#fspuntamita #puntamita

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It was truly a perfect way to feel like a star in a hot new romance, after eight years and a set of twins together. Basically — just like George and Amal, or Bey and Jay.

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