Ivana Trump Tried to Teach Her Kids a Life Lesson by Forcing Them to Fly Coach While She Flew First Class

Ivana Trump Tried to Teach Her Kids a Life Lesson by Forcing Them to Fly Coach While She Flew First Class

Ivanka's protests were in vain.

By Alesandra Dubin
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Why Private Planes Are the Only Way to Fly

First Daughter Ivanka Trump has been known to fly commercial — and sometimes even in coach. Recently, she traveled by commercial flight to Washington, possibly in order to communicate a statement about the controversy surrounding irresponsible private jet travel within the administration lately. And back in December, when her father was the President Elect, she got involved in a tussle with another passenger while flying JetBlue with her family — in economy class.

And now we know that these (sometimes harrowing) experiences of aviation in cramped conditions, alongside mere mortals, have historical significance that connects back to her childhood — when mom Ivana worked to instill values in her brood.

We know this thanks to CBS News' report of a recent interview Ivana gave in the wake of the dustup surrounding some rather uncharitable comments she made about Melania, in which she laid claim to the "First Lady" title. 

In the context of describing the experience of raising her children Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric — alongside their father Donald who was hands-off and was always working — she recalled family vacations that came with a side of life lessons.

"I would take the kids to Europe for two months — June and July," she said. "And they would fly economy, and I would fly first class, you know?" (That's a page out of Gordon Ramsay's book.)

Ivanka, her mother recalled, used to protest the inequity of the air travel setup. But Ivana had a master plan: "Ivanka said, 'Can I be upgraded?' I said, 'When you can afford it, you get upgraded.'"

Sick burn or powerful message? At any rate, let's just say Ivanka — and the whole crew — have some options now.

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