Is It Wrong to Hide Out In Your Man Cave?

Is It Wrong to Hide Out In Your Man Cave?

When your other half is hiding in the house, it doesn't mean they don't love you. 

By Marianne Garvey

Thicker Than Water stars Ben and Jewel Tankard say that when the family gets to be too much, they have their own places they escape to. Ben’s just happens to be the airplane hangar that sits in his backyard

When I want to sneak away from the wife and kids I go to the hangar,” he laughs. “I say to Jewel ‘I’m going to go out and work on the planes. I have an airport in my backyard, I take the golf cart back there and then I go to my man cave and I’m in there with my Netflix and my food. I pray in there, I meditate.”

Ben says it’s not wrong to take some time to yourself to unwind, and that “men as a whole” need their space to watch their sports and carry on about their man business. “Especially as the head of a big family, I need that escape,” he says. 

As for Jewel, she takes off to the spa when she’s stressed out and needs time alone. 

“I don’t think we ever want the traffic in the house to stop, we just need our getaway,” Ben adds. “Jewel goes to the spa for the day and does her thing there.”

When they want to escape as a couple, they go to the family’s other homes in Florida, or Georgia. 

“We have an escape pod, it’s two airplanes,” Ben laughs. “And when the family gets on our nerves we fly to one of our other homes.”

Ben says the couple even wants to add on to their house now, and make even more rooms, for their expanding family. And that at the end of the day, time alone helps with everyone’s nerves. 

“We get back then it starts all over.,” he says. “We love our family we wouldn’t trade it for anything…well, maybe $10 billion.”

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