Here's One Bizarre Vacation Hazard You Never Even Considered (But Now You Won't Be Able to Forget)

Here's One Bizarre Vacation Hazard You Never Even Considered (But Now You Won't Be Able to Forget)

File under: There's a study for everything.

By Alesandra Dubin

Between the revelation that making margaritas poolside can lead to serious injury, and the rising levels of mayhem caused by drunk passengers in the skies — well, can't a tipsy person have fun on vacation anymore without making a mess of everything?

Well, here's the latest evidence to suggest that no — perhaps not. 

Turns out all that late-night partying you may be inclined to do while letting loose on vacation could lead to a negative consequence you never even thought to worry about: According to a new study in ScienceDaily, the time of day you eat could have an impact on your body’s ability to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Researchers working with mice found that “eating at abnormal times disrupts the biological clock of the skin, including the daytime potency of an enzyme that protects against the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation.”

The researchers acknowledged that more tests must be done on humans, but conclude that it seems likely that late-night eating can leave you more vulnerable to sunburns the next day. And of course, sunburns can contribute to skin cancer risk — in addition to causing you pain and making you look stupid on your trip.

"This finding is surprising. I did not think the skin was paying attention to when we are eating," researcher Joseph Takahashi noted.

So in short, if you rage at the clubs, soak up the booze with a greasy midnight snack, and then hit the beach the next day to sleep it off under the sun — well, now you have one more thing to worry about.

Sorry slash you're welcome?

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