What Does Harvey Weinstein Pack in His Carry-on? A Truly Eye-Popping Stockpile of Pills

What Does Harvey Weinstein Pack in His Carry-on? A Truly Eye-Popping Stockpile of Pills

There's not much room left for a neck pillow when the disgraced Hollywood mogul travels.

By Alesandra Dubin
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Life-Changing Hacks Guaranteed to Help You Pack 130 Items in a Carry-On

For reasons of both curiosity and inspiration, much is made of what famous people carry in their luggage. For Olivia Munn, it's a snack stash of jerky. For Lea Michele, it's essential oils. For Harvey Weinstein, apparently, it's a truly staggering amount of pills.

Now that he's under intense public scrutiny for widespread sexual assault allegations, new photos are out that show Weinstein traveling through New York's Kennedy airport last December carrying a case absolutely packed with medications — and little else — according to Page Six, which has the images exclusively.

Weinstein brought the rather James Bond-looking metallic case with him in first class, and opened it so that other passengers and flight crew — and at least one photographer among them, apparently — could easily see its contents.

The source said, “Many people are wondering how Harvey can live with himself after all he’s done — the years of sexually predatory behavior. The answer is: with the help of a lot of drugs.”

The source also shared that a passenger who recognized Weinstein on the plane asked about the drugs, and the producer explained simply that he had a cold.

Another source told the outlet, “He always had that briefcase of drugs. He carries his whole medicine cabinet with him — even stuff he isn’t taking at the time.”

In fact, it is a good idea to travel with your medications in your carry-on — it's one of the things you should always keep with you, instead of checking it at the risk of loss or theft. So that part is hardly notable — it's even commendable! But, of course, it's the sheer number of pill bottle in the bag that is just one more eyebrow-raising detail about Weinstein's lifestyle, among so many shocking revelations to come out over the last several weeks.

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