Harrison Ford Has Near Miss With 737 Plane, Freaks Out People Still Grieving Carrie Fisher

Harrison Ford Has Near Miss With 737 Plane, Freaks Out People Still Grieving Carrie Fisher

It's not the first brush with serious aviation danger for the Star Wars icon.

By Alesandra Dubin

Harrison Ford is well known to be an experienced pilot. But that doesn't mean he's immune from the dangers of flying. (Those dangers, by the way, are mainly associated private jet travel — much more so, statistically, than super-safe commercial.) In 2015, he was involved in a serious plane crash, determined to have been caused by a loose engine part. And now, he's had another brush with potential for serious injury or death.

At California's John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California on Monday, he steered his single-engine airplane toward a taxiway instead of the runway where air traffic control had sent him. That error put him in position to narrowly miss hitting the commercial craft American Airlines flight 1564, with 116 passengers and crew on board.

“Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” Ford can be heard asking air traffic control in a recording.

Obviously, the answer to that was a big nope.

Fortunately, he passed over the American 737 airplane, which took off moments later. Federal Aviation Administration will investigate, according to NBC News.

With people still reeling from the death of Carrie Fisher — a tragedy which, too, began to unfold on an airplaneStar Wars fans are surely hoping Ford avoids further danger. Losing this co-star, too, would be too much for some to bear.

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