Let’s Review Justin Bieber's Scandalous Travel Style

Let’s Review Justin Bieber's Scandalous Travel Style

Who could forget the international monkey incident?

By Jenny Berg

Today, friends and tweens, is a very special day: March 1 marks the 22nd birthday of Justin Bieber. This means means that the pop star has been legally (by U.S. standards) bar hopping around the world for a year — but his travel antics go back much farther than that. As we celebrate the YouTube-born wunderkind, let’s revisit some of his more memorable situations in destinations around the world.

1. Leaving His Pet Monkey in Germany

Ah, a classic. Once upon a time in 2013, the pop star attempted to take his pet monkey, "OG Mally," to Germany. The simian met at unfortunate fate at the airport, when officials placed the animal in custody — despite eloquent protests from the Biebs. “I had the papers,” he told People. “I even had it written out that he was a circus monkey and he could travel and all that s***."

2. Flying High to the Super Bowl

In 2014, Bieber and a posse (that included good old dad) flew from Toronto to New Jersey to catch the Super Bowl. To get nice and relaxed before the big game, the flight passengers allegedly smoked some weed. And by some, we mean enough to make the pilot wear an oxygen mask to avoid contact high. 

3. Going (Almost) Bare A** in Poland

You better belieb it: In 2013, the then-teenage sensation strolled through a Polish airport sporting deeply sagging pants. He had on underwear — did you also expect him to wear a shirt?

4. Going Fully Bare A** on a Boat

While on vacation last July, the guitar-strumming muse took in some scenery — while creating some of his own. In an Instagram post with a simple but elegant caption, “look,” Bieber pointed to some mountains in the distance. In the foreground: his milky-white butt cheeks, on full display.  

5. Desecrating Ruins in Tulum

What are archeological ruins for? Climbing like a jungle gym. Or so the Biebs thought, when he and an entourage visited an ancient Mayan site in January, and much climbing ensued. Though officials couldn't say which ruins were graced with a visit from the pop star, they did admit he was “asked to leave.”

6. Sharing Deep Thoughts in Amsterdam


On a visit to the Dutch capital in 2013, the singer was so overcome with a tour of the Anne Frank house that he deemed the iconic, heroic young woman… worthy of being his fan. Yep. In a museum guestbook, Bieber scrawled this message: “Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

7. Clubbing in Las Vegas (With Kris Jenner)

Was it only last year that the Biebs took over a Las Vegas nightclub to celebrate turning 21? On the red carpet, the singer proudly announced that he was “ready to turn up.” And how. Inside Omnia, Justin popped bottles with a posse that included Kris Jenner. He also DJed, danced, and (we're speculating here) fist-pumped for an adoring crowd.

8. Inspiring Home Decor in Brazil

Okay, so this antic was merely inspired by the Biebs, but it’s noteworthy nonetheless. (And, helpful for new homeowners?)  In 2010, police and army operatives conducted a massive drug bust in Brazil. Authorities found weapons, marijuana, and — yes — a Justin Bieber mural in the home of a high-ranking drug lord. 

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