The Guy Who Knits Sweaters of Tourist Attractions Is Breaking the Internet

The Guy Who Knits Sweaters of Tourist Attractions Is Breaking the Internet

Sam Barsky is the Ken Bone of travel.

By Alesandra Dubin

If you hadn't heard of Sam Barsky before this week, perhaps you've heard of him now. He's a Baltimore-based guy who knits copious sweaters whose designs depict some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. Then, he goes to those places and takes pictures of himself there — wearing the sweaters.

Here he is in New York City's Times Square. He's also made sweaters for the likes of the Golden Gate Bridge and Stonehenge. He even made a composite sweater of 16 of his best recent designs. It's pretty much the best thing ever. The knitting artist has a Facebook page called ColorKnit, where he shares many photos of his work.

The page description is, aptly, "Artistic Knitting of Sam Barsky." But he's not selling his works — merely showing them off. And it sure appears to be working, as thanks to Reddit, this week Barsky's popularity exploded in ways that, like the presidential debate's famous sweater-wearing Ken Bone, he probably did not expect.

Guys, once again, here's Barsky:

Here is is in Niagra Falls, with his Niagra Falls sweater. And now he's palling around with Jimmy Kimmel.

This guy!

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