Goat Yoga Is Basically Every Oregon Stereotype Come to Life, 900 People Are in Line to Try

Goat Yoga Is Basically Every Oregon Stereotype Come to Life, 900 People Are in Line to Try

Pacific Northwest trip, anyone?

By Alesandra Dubin

If you binge watch Portlandia on the reg and "put a bird on it" is one of your go-to phrases, you're going to probably want to make a note of this for your next trip to the Pacific Northwest. (You should probably write it down in a vegan leather-bound notebook, and place it in your suitcase next to the mustache grease.)

"Goat yoga" is a legit thing in (where else?) Oregon. Travel + Leisure reported on its OMG-of-course existence last year, around the time it popped up at the No Regrets Farm in Albany. The concept, while charming, is also so hipster-hippie-liberal-outdoorsy-Pacific-Northwest, it could actually be its own Portlandia sketch.

Well, you can go ahead and add goat yoga to your bucket list... but you're going to have to plan way in advance. Oregon Live now reports that the waiting list for the experience hovers around 900 people. This news comes from the farm's owner, Lainey Morse, who came up with the idea during a kids' birthday party when a visitor commented that the farm would make an epic yoga space, with its panoramic views of the mountains and valley. Oh and plus, everybody with a beating heart loves to see prancing baby goats.

Alas, zoning issues will force the classes to move off the farm — but they're still going to be happening.

Still confused about the whole thing? Watch this video, which begins with the basics: "Goat yoga is people doing yoga with social goats wandering around."

Right. So basically... put a goat on it.

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