Elderly Dog Gets a New Lease on Life—And a Distinguished, Gentleman's Look

Elderly Dog Gets a New Lease on Life—And a Distinguished, Gentleman's Look

Roberto wants 13-year-old Clyde to help his mom make a love connection in this week's episode of Furry, Fierce, and Fabulous.

By Kristyn Pomranz
Digital Original
Furry, Fierce, and Fabulous: Episode 5

Bravo's newest digital series, Furry, Fierce, and Fabulous stars the king of doggie couture Roberto Negrin as he works with everyday dogs to create runway-ready fashions inspired by their unique adoption stories.

It is not uncommon for two people to fall in love, move in together, and then decide to adopt a pet. (After all, dogs are practice babies, right?) But unfortunately, many relationships fail, and the pets become part of the custody battle. Although some pet parents elect for a timeshare, most will concede their four-legged friend to one party and the pet will be raised by a singleton.

Such is the case with Stephanie, who has always kept her best friend Clyde by her side for over 13 years—even through a recent breakup. “I got Clyde when he was just a puppy. I think he thinks he's human,” says Stephanie. “He’s very laid back. He’s very chill and distinguished. I feel like he’s an old soul.”

Although Stephanie just wants an outfit to help Clyde stand out on the street—he's something of a neighborhood staple—Roberto has other ideas: “Stephanie is such a beautiful person, and she has such a great personality. She’s high-level energy and over-the-top, so we’re trying to bring [Clyde] up to her energy levels. My main goal is to try to find her a boyfriend. I think if we dress up Clyde, that will bring more attention to her and open up more conversations with guys. Maybe we can find her a love connection.”

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