Friendless Corgi Breaks Our Heart and Then Puts It Back Together Again

Friendless Corgi Breaks Our Heart and Then Puts It Back Together Again

Ah, the power of viral videos.

By Stacy Lenz

There's no better way to put off homework, housework, or work-work than watching viral videos. But what do you do when in the midst of your peaceful procrastination you see one that breaks your heart? Killing a little bit of time is one thing, but you were never looking to have your heart ripped out of your chest and loose the entire day sobbing into a blanket. This recently happened to us with the following viral video staring Nugget, a happy-go-lucky corgi. You’ll watch as he trots with anticipation to his BFF Bonkers’ house, but the poor little floof has no idea that Bonkers’ family just moved. Consider yourself warned.

But don’t worry; we wouldn’t ruin your day on purpose. (We are friends after all, right?) While we understand that while watching that video you probably screamed out in pain, “THAT POOR DOG HAD NO IDEA HIS FRIEND MOVED. HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND. POOR LONELY PUPPO,” and you are not alone in this feeling. In fact, the whole Internet felt it too and they demanded answers. Thankfully, the universe (and Buzzfeed) provided. They spoke with eight-month-old Nugget’s human, Miranda Wassinger and she assured us all that Nugget is fine!

She promised that not only is Nugget a happy pup, but also he has lots of other friends and is popular at the local dogpark. She also shared a little more background information about his BFF Bonkers.

Miranda stated that Nugget has always had Bonkers in his life and he’s like a "big brother" to Nugget. She also shared that the canine BFFs would eventually be reunited, as her family and Bonkers’ family are close friends and they’ll visit them at their new place soon. And if that isn't enough to dry your eyes we can further help. Look at dear, sweet Nugget's Instagram and you will be back to doing what you set out to do, giggling at viral dogs and killin' time just as nature intended, nary a sob in sight.

Uhhh... can I get out now mom?

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Toasted loaf meets burnt loaf 🍞

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