Misunderstood Pit Bull Gets a Makeover That Shows He’s Just as Lovable as Any Breed

Misunderstood Pit Bull Gets a Makeover That Shows He’s Just as Lovable as Any Breed

A maligned dog gets an approachable ensemble on this episode of Furry, Fierce, and Fabulous.

By Kristyn Pomranz
Digital Original
Furry, Fierce, and Fabulous: Episode 4

Bravo's newest digital series, Furry, Fierce, and Fabulous stars the king of doggie couture Roberto Negrin as he works with everyday dogs to create runway-ready fashions inspired by their unique adoption stories.

Here at Unleashed, we are huge advocates of #AdoptDontShop. Every year, 3.9 million dogs enter shelters, and 1.2 million are euthanized. If that statistic isn’t heartbreaking enough, consider the fact that 40% (read that again—FORTY PERCENT) of those euthanized are pit bulls. The major culprit is a misunderstanding of the breed due to its history of abuse in dog fighting circuits—but as with any dog, its temperament is dependent on its owner.

Never has that been truer than Jax, a friendly two-year-old pit bull owned by Dave, a member of the Marine Corps Reserves. “Every time I’m away, he keeps my wife company and protects the house. He’s me while I’m gone. He is the man of the house when I’m away, but when I’m there he tells me where I’m going to sit on the couch or where I’m going to lay in bed.”

Jax is a puppy and a very outgoing dog, but people are still intimidated. “When people see a pit bull, it’s like ‘Danger!’” says Roberto, who decided to design Jax a mash-up of fashion and patriotism that reflected Dave’s “down and dirty” aesthetic. “This will help us spread the word about pit bulls and educate people about the breed. [It makes] the pit bull look more soft, and educates people that having a pit bull doesn’t mean you have a bad dog. You have a fabulous, fashionable [pit bull] that everyone can pet when they see him on the street.”

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