From Barf Bags to Toilet Paper, Everything on This Plane Is Decked Out in Hello Kitty (See the Pics!)

From Barf Bags to Toilet Paper, Everything on This Plane Is Decked Out in Hello Kitty (See the Pics!)

PART THREE: It's a superfan's dream come true.

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“It’s a Hello Kitty Apocalypse!”

Ben Schlappig here again, the blogger behind One Mile at a Time. I'm so glad you're following my journey around the world in partnership with Bravo's Jet Set!

After introducing you to my uber-luxury travel lifestyle, all made possible by miles and points, I set off on a world journey — starting with a flight from LAX to the wild Hello Kitty-themed airport in Taipei, thanks to EVA Air's partnership with Sanrio.

Now I'm going to give you a look inside the actual Hello Kitty plane... which is so epic!

The seats for this short 4 hour and 15 minute flight to Singapore were the same as on the previous flight. In business class, there were fully flat seats with direct aisle from every seat. However, other than the seats, everything else about the experience was heavily Hello Kitty themed!

Where do we even begin? Waiting at my seat on boarding were a Hello Kitty pillow, Hello Kitty slippers, a Hello Kitty menu, and a Hello Kitty barf bag. Playing on the TV screens were Hello Kitty videos. On the forward wall of the cabin was Hello Kitty art.

Moments after settling in, the flight attendant offered me champagne, served with a Hello Kitty napkin and coaster.

Happy hour!

I visited the toilet on the plane, which had Hello Kitty toiletries, Hello Kitty toilet paper, and even a Hello Kitty air freshener.

Look at all of these on-theme goodies!

The fun continued after takeoff. Rather than serving normal champagne, flight crew served rosé champagne… because that’s what Hello Kitty would drink. And that was served with some Hello Kitty packaged snacks.

About an hour after takeoff the lunch service began, which started with goose liver mousse (not a fan) served with a Hello Kitty cheese cube (definitely a fan).

Note the Hello Kitty chese cube.

From a branding perspective, I find these flights to be infinitely fascinating. Generally business class is full of business travelers, so there’s something hilarious about an airline deciding that every aspect of the service will be Hello Kitty themed. While it’s something that might resonate with tween girls, it’s not something that exactly has mass appeal.

It was clear that I was the only person in business class who was loving the Hello Kitty branding, and for that matter it didn’t look like all that many passengers in economy were amused by it either.

What’s also hilarious about the flights are the crews — all of whom are wearing Hello Kitty aprons.

The flight attendants were positively shocked that I loved Hello Kitty so much. They couldn’t really figure out if I was serious or not (for that matter, even I can’t really figure it out either), and eventually they brought me Hello Kitty pens, playing cards, stuffed animals, and more.

The duty-free shopping on board is also Hello Kitty themed, so I couldn’t help myself. If nothing else, it’s worth buying something so you can get one of the cool Hello Kitty duty-free bags. I ended up buying a Hello Kitty model airplane, as well as the Hello Kitty apron that the flight attendants wear.

I may have had a few too many glasses of the champagne, but I ended up trying on the apron.

How do I look?

I couldn’t quite get it to fit (shocker — I know), so I asked the flight attendants for help. They burst out in laughter, and ended up asking if we could all get pictures together. That was sort of my goal, because then it made it less awkward when I asked them for pictures as well!

While first class can be more luxurious than these Hello Kitty themed flights, there’s not really a more fun experience out there than these flights, in my opinion. Whether you like Hello Kitty or not, you have to appreciate the fact that EVA Air picks a theme and sticks to it. I had a blast on this flight.

Stick around for the next adventure!


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Ben Schlappig, the blogger behind One Mile at a Time, experiences about $1 million worth of travel every year using miles and points — and covers about 400,000 miles annually this way. Ben has teamed up with Bravo’s Jet Set& for a series called The Upgrade, in which he shows you how you — yes, you! — can score real-world-ready strategies for upping your travel game. Come along for the adventure!

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