Women Called "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Tell Their Side Of The Story

Women Called "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Tell Their Side Of The Story

You know there's always another side...

By Marianne Garvey

Guys toss the term “crazy ex-girlfriend” around like it’s nothing. Meanwhile, we never really know the other side of the story. 

These Redditors took to the site to tell the tales of having—or being—the crazy ex girlfriend. Thankfully, most have moved on from the horrible relationship, but can’t forget what they went through. 

One reader said her ex-boyfriend lied about her asking for a divorce because he was in the military and was about to be deployed to Afghanistan. 

“He told all of his family and friends that I asked for a divorce because he was deploying to Afghanistan and that I was a crazy controlling b**ch,” she said. “The real reason we were divorcing was because he was texting girls he met online and telling them he loved them and wanted to be with them. I also found his online dating site on my laptop and when I confronted him about it he said his friends made the profile as a joke. The profile used the same user name and password that he used for everything. The final straw was when I came home from a trip back home to see my family and walked into our bedroom to find another girl's clothes.”

Another commenter became upset with a crazy caller. 

“My roommate had a ‘crazy ex’ who would call him 20 times and leave five voicemails a day,” the user wrote. “This had been going on for about a week or so and I asked him if he had ever listened to the voicemails or called her back and he said no…The following week I talked to her roommate and asked why she was calling him so much. It was because he had taken her virginity and she wanted it back.”

One writer said in one past relationship, they were both crazy exes to each other. 

“We're definitely each other's crazy exes. We just were very passionate people who fell for each other hard, and everything we did was intense. The sex, the arguments, the cold shouldering, etc. Eventually distance became a factor and cheating accusations ran rampant and we basically made each other crazy until we broke up months later,” the user wrote. 

One guy had a serial cheater as a crazy ex.

“She cheated on me several times, at least three different guys that I know about, anyway, and I made the colossal mistake of forgiving her each time,” he write. “I had self confidence issues and figured that, if I let her go, I was letting go of the last pretty girl who'd ever want me. Instead, I turned into the crazy, controlling boyfriend that every girl seems to encounter at one point or another. I wanted to know where she was, who she was with, etc, at all times, was she drinking, how old were the people she was with?

“I finally broke up with her, as even through all of this, she absolutely wouldn't break up with me…It took me about three months after the breakup to come to terms with the fact that I was…that guy that she will probably tell everyone who will listen about because he was insane.”

Another woman says she was being strung along for most of the relationship.

“He was a clinical narcissist. He kept me strung along our entire ‘relationship,’” she wrote. “Wouldn't call me his girlfriend, but treated me like one. I would lose my mind whenever he would talk to other girls/hang out with them, because he would say, ‘You're not my girlfriend. Shut up.’ This would sometimes happen right after a date. Whenever I would try and shut him out, he'd call me crying and I really liked him, so I took him back. But it would keep happening. He'd buy me gifts, take me out multiple times a week, do all the things boyfriends/girlfriends did but he would never acknowledge our relationship. So in turn, I got crazier and crazier, because he drove me crazy…Now I'm married to an amazing man who was courteous, loving and mature from day one.”

One guy grew unhealthy with the help of his ex-girlfriend.

“I was madly in love with my girlfriend, and she was with me. But sometimes love isn't enough and we drove each other completely nuts. Eventually I got severely depressed because I loved her and didn't want to leave her, but our relationship was so toxic I became heavily dependent on drugs and ended up blacking out behind the wheel of her car and crashed into a tree. I broke my leg, got a DUI, and because of this incident our relationship officially ended,” he wrote. “When I look back I think the accident was meant to be. We refused to break up and we needed a little push, the way things were going it could have ended a lot worse.”

Lastly, one woman found out her guy was a cheater

“He cheated on me for the entire two years of our relationship... we used his computer for a tv, he left it open after he left for work, and she started sending him nudes while I was having coffee and watching something while eating breakfast,” she wrote. “When I confronted him, he blamed me for 'snooping’…I haven't spoken to him, or his friends, since the day we broke up. I haven't thought about it in ages, but I'm sure his social circle still believes whatever he told them about me. I couldn't care less.”

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