Chrissy Teigen Just Trolled Social Media With a Hilarious Fake-Trip Prank

Chrissy Teigen Just Trolled Social Media With a Hilarious Fake-Trip Prank

Social media's favorite jokester is at it again.

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to fabulous travel — from romantic getaways to Italy with hubby John Legend, to doing yoga in Bali with baby Luna — and sharing on social media all the way. However, for a new twist in the game this time, she's sharing with fans some posts from her "trip" to China... but it's all fiction!

Here's why: It all started when the model mama posted to Instagram and Twitter about how she was making dinner for her Victoria's Secret girls in Shanghai. Bella Hadid, Martha Hunt, and other stunners are, of course, in Shanghai for the Victoria's Secret fashion show. This year, the show was highly complicated by its Chinese location — even becoming something of an "international crisis."

Chrissy has modeled for Victoria's Secret before but isn't in the show.... or even in Shanghai. 

She made a little Instagram story, while cooking paella, and said: "Hey guys, I'm in Shanghai, getting ready for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. I'm nervous, but I think I'm gonna kill it." Then she posted a workout video, saying "train like an angel." All the "real" models had been posting their pre-show workouts online, too. 

After dinner, she made another video expressing her excitement to be in the show: ""Hey guys, here in Shanghai still, almost show time. I can't believe I am here. I get to walk in Victoria's Secret. It's like a dream come true. Thanks for coming to supporting me in Shanghai!" The jokester even showed some flowers saying that Gisele and Justin Beiber sent them to her to congratulate her on the show... but it just made her more nervous. When a fan joked about her amazing trolling efforts, she replied that she was in town and ready to walk... but no one called!

The next day, a "sad" Chrissy took to Twitter to tell her fans someone sabotaged her and she slept through the show.

Playing along, fans started photoshopping her into photos there — per her request. 

The next day, she put up videos of her crying, telling her fans she's sorry she missed the show. She said yes, she may be cutting onions, but she's still upset!

Her creativity got noticed by some models who hope she'll come to next year's show... for real. Taylor Hill said: “We would love to have her, she could hang out backstage, crack some jokes, make us some food — she cooks so well on Instagram, her food looks amazing.” Bella Hadid said she'd love Chrissy's "to-die-for" legs in the show, and added she wants to frame the photoshopped image of Chrissy's face on her head. 

And hey, next year could be Chrissy's lucky one: The show’s creative director, Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, told Vogue  “Chrissy’s a gorgeous woman, hysterically funny, and queen of personality. She’d just have to present herself at the casting — I throw it back to her.”

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