5 Ways to Identify Your Luggage That Are Way Cooler (Or Weirder!) Than a Boring Ribbon

5 Ways to Identify Your Luggage That Are Way Cooler (Or Weirder!) Than a Boring Ribbon

You'll never be fooled by impostor bags again.

By Tamara Palmer

Tying a lame ribbon around your suitcase to identify it at the airport baggage claim is about as old as air travel... and anything but foolproof. You can do much better without a whole lot of effort — but with just a little bit of creativity. Some ideas to inspire you:

1. Unleash your inner artist.

Use acrylic paint to decorate your stuff in the way that only you can — it doesn't have to be fancy. Go freehand with a brush if you're bold, or use simple stencils.

You're really just trying to make sure it's yours, so have fun with it.

2. Make it personal.

Everyone has approximately the same color and size of suitcase, it seems... but almost one is going to have a whole face on their bag. Firebox will manufacture a custom Head Case in just a few days. Instructions are to send a high-resolution image of your face or a friend's, but who's to know your friend isn't Drake or Beyoncé, right?

3. Collage it.

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Acquiring bespoke luggage may not be in the budget, but you can experiment with collaging on the super cheap. Try using a brush with paper, photos, or fabric samples and a glue/top coat combination product such as Mod Podge.

4. Put food on it.

That's right, not inside your bag... on your bag! Japanese gift stores are a great source of finding fake plastic or even plush food charms to securely attach to a handle or luggage tag. It's unlikely that anyone else will have them — unless maybe you're headed to Tokyo.

5. Use a tracking app.

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If that all fails and you're just not crafty at all, you can look to the latest technology for help. Delta Airlines is leading the charge with new radio frequency identification (R.F.I.D.) tags that allow you to track your luggage via their app; Alaska, American, and Lufthansa are following suit with similar trackability technology.

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