Which Group of Americans Sucks the Most at Vacation?

Which Group of Americans Sucks the Most at Vacation?

You're doing it wrong!

By Alesandra Dubin

It's well known that Americans, as a group, suck at vacation, given how few we tend to earn — and how many we are known to actually waste. Indeed, many Americans get just 10 vacation days annually from employers, and then go on to collectively waste 658 billion of that paltry sum.

(For a point of comparison, New Zealanders are required by law to earn at least 30 vacation days annually, tied for the sixth highest in the world.)

But back to America, and the latest bad news for our vacation-going lives:

A recent survey conducted by travel news publication Skift asked U.S. adults, "Have you already planned and booked your summer vacation?" And the results were pretty tragic: Nearly 42 percent of respondents said “I’m not taking a vacation this summer." And that was the largest percentage.

Consider us rolling our eyes. (Over here at Jet Set, we believe in vacation.)

Of respondents, 23 percent said, “Yes, I have planned and booked." Also, 35.2 percent answered “not yet.” Last-minute booking is a big trend, so summer vacationers could rise to well above 23 percent. Still paltry.

Here's more: A higher percentage of women, nearly 52 percent, said they're not taking any vacation this summer, compared to men. And younger American travelers, according to Skift, are struggling with vacation plans thanks in part to their indecisiveness. Respondents ages 18 to 44 indexed higher than older respondents for “not yet” and “I’m not taking a vacation this summer.”

So, all told, who's the biggest offender when it comes to squandering those precious and hard-earned vacation days? Well, it's millennial women.

According to data cited in The Washington Post, millennial women reported a drop in their willingness to use all the vacation days they'd earned: 44 percent said they'd taken full advantage, and that's down from 46 percent last year.

So, millennial women, we urge you — get it together! As your generation says, #YOLO! And to paraphrase Beyoncé, a cultural icon you can surely trust — come on ladies, now let's go on vacation!

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