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Au Revior!

S6/EP16 |
Aired: January 29, 2019
Adrian's plan for a living sea creature centerpiece is nixed by Kate, leaving him frustrated. Rhylee feels awkward around Tyler, while Laura and Ashton make plans for the future. Kate forgets the primary's birthday causing the crew to scramble. 43:24

Shame Cocoon

S6/EP15 |
Aired: January 22, 2019
Tyler asks out Rhylee on a date only to find out they have different plans for “their” future. The crew welcomes the final Charter who prove to be tough clients. While Drama unfolds between the charter guests, a spoiled Primary tests Kate’s limits. 43:24

All That Glitters Isn't Gold

S6/EP14 |
Aired: January 15, 2019
The Crew’s wild evening out prompts a passionate, late-night tryst for Rhylee and Tyler. Meanwhile, Kate, Chef Adrian and the Interior Team struggle to keep up with the countless demands of the drink-loving, ever-hungry, highly-critical guests.  43:24

I Said "I Got It!"

S6/EP13 |
Aired: January 8, 2019
Kate deals with Laura’s insubordination after being told to “check” herself. Ross is at his wits end with Rhylee’s attitude after she confronts him once again about feeling like the low man on the totem pole. 43:23

Check Yourself!

S6/EP12 |
Aired: December 18, 2018
Adrian is confused by Laura's flirtatious advances after she crashes with Ashton in the crow's nest. As the crew wonders whether a charter guest is a member of the mob, Laura feels mistreated by Kate leading to a screaming match during service. 43:24

Let Them Eat Chicken!

S6/EP11 |
Aired: December 11, 2018
The aftermath of Ashton’s accident has the entire crew shaken up, especially Captain Lee. While the deck crew is on edge with a man down, Laura struggles to fall in line with her third stew role and her boss Kate. 43:24

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