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Jodie and Louie.Quick Fix

S3/EP6 |
Aired: September 10, 2019
Beauty salon manager Jodie is dying to find her dream man, but her boob-baring bikinis are attracting the wrong type of guys. Yorkshire lad Louie is also looking for love, but thinks his outrageous style is putting potential suitors off. 43:23

Chris and Aaliyah, Quick Fix

S3/EP5 |
Aired: September 5, 2019
Chris is trying to balance his punk past with being a dad. Aaliyah loves her revealing outfits, but best friend Renee wants her to see she can still be sexy without having everything on show. 43:24

Stitch and Laura, Quick Fix

S1/EP4 |
Aired: August 27, 2019
Goth rocker Stitch is a style horror story and mum Laura is causing problems in the playground with her barely-there dressing and wants to become a better role model to her daughter. 43:24

Holly and Bonnie, Quick Fix

S3/EP3 |
Aired: August 21, 2019
25-year-old Holly is only happy when she’s a hippy - or a punk, a pirate or a pixie. Plus, Yorkshire lass Bonnie is hell bent on bagging a fella, but going out for the evening wearing only her lingerie is getting her nowhere fast. 43:24

Cayleigh and Liam, Quick Fix

S3/EP2 |
Aired: August 13, 2019
25-year-old Cayleigh is fed up of her frills but can’t find her way out of dolly dress up. And self-confessed trashy glamour boy Liam brings gasps of horror in the Hot Spot when he reveals his shocking self-tanning regime. 43:24